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Rock ‘n’ roll. Comedy. Dance. Illusion. No one word can describe the Wonderland experience. From the mind of Larry Wilson and his team of Emmy award-winning creators, Wonderland is a world of alternate reality where only the unexpected can be expected.

Mind-boggling illusion, sidesplitting comedy, breathtaking dance, and elaborate sets arranged to the tunes of classic rock ‘n’ roll hits by Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones—just to name a few—make up this mind-altering entertainment experience.

Loosely based upon Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Larry Wilson turns the audiences’ notion of the story upside down exceeding their expectations of the tale with unexpected twists at every turn. Certainly this psychedelic Wonderland is not the stuff of children’s tales, but a show where you can leave the real world behind to enjoy a night of entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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